Clever Home Security and Safety Products
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About us

Welcome to Protectify, a company committed to providing the smartest home security and safety products at the lowest prices in Canada.

Our Story:

Our home was our sanctuary. It was the only place where we could relax, decompress and let our guard down. I speak in the past tense because all of this changed after we became another crime statistic. We were the victims of a home burglary while on vacation. Our house was turned upside down and many of our valuables were lost, including that priceless sense of security.

Like many, we thought that our unassuming home wouldn't be targeted by thieves, but after examining the monthly police crime map, we realized that home break-ins are tragically quite the common occurrence across all parts of our city. This unfortunate incident became the inspiration for Protectify.

    Protectify provides one-stop shopping for the most clever home security and safety products available; most of which can be installed by the average do-it-yourselfer. My hope is that visitors can make use of my experience and trust my engineering background to carefully select the products they use to protect their homes, families and that priceless sense of security.

    Peter Hsiung, P.Eng.