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StrikeMaster and Door Guardian Combo Pack

Safe Homes Intl. & Door Guardian

StrikeMaster Single Door Kit & Door Guardian Combo Pack

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Combine the StrikeMaster II Pro single door kit along with the Door Guardian for added security and save!

StrikeMaster II Pro Single Door Reinforcement Kit

The StrikeMaster II Pro is a complete single door reinforcement kit that can stop home invasions and burglaries by strengthening both the door and the door frame at their most vulnerable points: the lockset area and the hinge area. It is these areas of a door system that must withstand the most force when kicked or pried.

In the lockset area, the soft wooden door frame is reinforced with a patent pending, heavy-duty, 48” (4 ft) double steel strike plate, which is secured using 11 off-set, 2.5” case hardened screws that penetrate deep into the wall studs in order to distribute the energy of a forced entry. The door is secured using the patent pending Door Edge Pro door reinforcer, which strengthens the door to prevent breaking and splitting.

In the hinge area, weak standard hinge screws are replaced by a total of 12 case hardened screws (6 on the door frame and 6 on the door), which penetrate deep into the wall studs and into the door itself in order to secure the hinges.

The StrikeMaster II Pro is easy to install and can be used to repair and strengthen already broken doors and door frames.


  • Helps prevent single door forced entry
  • Effectively repairs and strengthens broken doors and door frames
  • Easy homeowner DIY installation
  • No modification to door trim required. Special 2-piece construction allows the lip of the 48 inch strike plate to be slipped under the door trim to accommodate door trims of any thickness or profile
  • Adjustable tab ensures that the door seals tightly when closed
  • For use on left or right inswing doors
  • Knockouts allow 5.5” to 6.0” spacing between door knob and deadbolt
  • Powder coated white to match most door systems or can be painted to match
  • Includes Door Edge Pro, 23 fully threaded case hardened screws and illustrated instructions with template
  • Made in the USA


  • Strike plate:  48” long x 1-7/8” wide x 1/8” thick
  • Door Edge Pro plates:  4” long x 7/8” wide x 1/16” thick
  • Door Edge Pro truss screws: 2 x 1-7/8"
  • Strike plate screws:  11 x 2.5” fully threaded case hardened #10
  • Hinge screws (door frame):  6 x 2.5” fully threaded case hardened #10
  • Hinge screws (door):  6 x 1.5” fully threaded case hardened #10

Manufacturer Product Page

Installation Instructions

Note: This product comes in OEM packaging.

Door Guardian - Reinforcement and Childproofing Lock

The Door Guardian is a hinged door lock that is 10 times stronger than a common deadbolt. It installs easily on the door frame with 3" screws that penetrate deep into the wall studs. Once installed, the Door Guardian defends against forced entry by bracing the door and distributing the energy. It easily engages when needed and simply disengages and swings out of the way to allow for normal use of the door.

With the ability to be installed on front doors, side doors, back doors, garage door entrances and balcony doors, the Door Guardian is a quick and easy childproofing solution. The Door Guardian has also been used to provide additional safety measures to parents of special needs children and guardians of adults with Alzheimer’s who may wander. Talked about on ABC News, and written about in numerous publications from Parents Magazine to Reader’s Digest.

  • Answer to high security and safety needs
  • Deterrent to forced entry
  • Effective childproofing lock
  • Provides peace of mind
  • Easy-to-use
  • Installs in minutes on wood and/or metal door jambs
  • For use on inswing exterior doors
  • 3" inch screws for deeper embedding into the stud behind the jamb

Combo Pack available in 5 colours:

  • Antique Brass (Brown)
  • Brass
  • Black
  • Satin Chrome
  • Satin Nickel (Gunmetal)

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