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Featured Product: StrikeMaster II Pro Single Door Reinforcement Kit

A burglar can break open the average door with a single well placed kick. Kicking the door is a common forced entry method as it is fast, easy, requires no special tools and makes very little noise. Why is it so easy you ask?

  • Most door frames are made of soft wood that is susceptible to breaking and splitting near the lockset or hinge area.
  • Standard deadbolt strikeplates are weak (thin and small) and they are only secured with two short screws.
  • Doors are also susceptible to breaking and splitting causing the deadbolt to fail.
  • Door hinges are secured with short, weak screws.

The StrikeMaster II Pro Single Door Reinforcement Kit addresses these weaknesses using:

  • 48 inches (4 feet) of cold rolled steel secured with eleven 2.5 inch case hardened screws that penetrate deep into the wood studs to distribute the force.
  • The Door Edge Pro reinforces the lockset area of the door to prevent breaking and splitting, thereby maintaining the integrity of the deadbolt.
  • Hinge screws are replaced with longer and stronger case hardened screws.

We are the Canadian distributor of StrikeMaster product line by Safe Homes International. Watch the video below for more information:

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