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Analysis of a Break-in Caught on Camera

This Brampton Guardian story covers a recent break-in caught on video. Let us learn from this unfortunate incident. Here is an analysis of the video (shown below):

  1. Burglars will usually knock or ring the door bell to ensure no one is home before attempting entry. If you are home, make your presence known, but do so safely without opening the door.
  2. Standard entry doors can be opened with a single strong kick. In the second video, the close up shows what remains of the soft wooden door frame. Door frame reinforcement kits like StrikeMaster use a large metal strike plate and long hardened screws that penetrate deep into the studs to secure the frame.
  3. The homeowner has pro-actively installed a Door Guardian latch on the door, but since they must exit through the front door, they cannot engage it when the home is unoccupied and are therefore unable to benefit from the added reinforcement in provides. This further highlights the need for a door frame reinforcement solution.
  4. The alarm system was not triggered, so it was likely unarmed. Even if the alarm was armed and triggered, it should be noted that the burglar was able to rummage through the house and exit in approximately 4 minutes. The response time for police can be hours.
  5. Surveillance cameras will not prevent a break-in, but they can be a helpful tool for identifying the suspect (assuming that he isn't intelligent enough to obscure his face). In this case, it seems that the video will be leading to an arrest. It should also be noted that the burglar also did not wear gloves.
  6. Burglars must work quickly and usually target small high value items. Keep your valuables in a safety deposit box. For those items that you would prefer to keep at home out of convenience, hide them somewhere difficult and time consuming to find. Consider a non-descript container somewhere in the basement. Places to avoid include: anywhere in the master bedroom, jewelry boxes, sock drawer, under mattress, shoe boxes.
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